Homework will usually be assigned an average of four nights per week. Meaningful homework is assigned to help students become more self-reliant, learn to work independently, and develop good study habits in addition to reinforcing material learned in the classroom. It is the students' responsibility to keep an accurate record of

assignments, to apply and practice skills learned in class, to strive for the best quality of work, and to complete all assignments. The District's policy on homework recommends one assigned activity, Monday through Thursday night for Kindergarten. A minimum of thirty minutes, Monday through Thursday for Grades 1-2, and a minimum of one hour for Grades 3-5. Contact your child's teacher if homework is taking too long to complete, as accommodations can be made.

Why do teachers give homework?

  1. To reinforce what is taught in school.
  2. To exercise your brain.
  3. To review things you have already learned to keep your skills fresh.
  4. To teach responsibility for one's own learning.

Tips for doing homework:

  1. Have a healthy snack.
  2. Take a short break after school before beginning your work.
  3. Gather everything you need before beginning (paper, pencils, books, erasers).
  4. Set a study pattern that works for you.
  5. Find a comfortable place to study.
  6. Stay in one place until all your homework is done.
  7. Make sure the TV is off while you are working.
  8. Make sure there is enough light so you can read easily.


It is critical that we maintain a safe and secure environment for all children and staff members. Therefore, please note the following rules:

  • The only entry to the building for visitors is through the front door at the Mt. Hebron Rd. entrance. Upon entering the building, please go directly to the main office, check in with the secretary, sign in and get a visitor's sticker. The visitor's sticker must be worn at all times. Do not attempt to go directly to your child's classroom without first stopping at the main office.
  • If you are bringing in an item for your child such as lunch, homework, a clothing item, project, special snack, etc., please drop it off in the office. We will make sure all items are delivered or sent to the classroom.
  • If you are in the building volunteering in your child's classroom, Art, Library, etc., please do not stop by and visit your child or their teacher as this may interrupt learning.

School Attire

Students should be neat and clean. Common sense should prevail in choosing proper school attire. Comfortable play clothes and sneakers are recommended for playground participation. Boots, gloves, scarves, hats and warm outerwear are necessary during the cold and snowy season (remember, children will play outdoors during the winter and their extremities need protection). Flip-flops and similar shoes do not lend themselves to playground activities and are not allowed. Sneakers and loose-fitting pants or shorts are requested for physical education classes. Shorts should be the appropriate length and shirts should cover the midriff area.

Cell Phone Use

Recent Board Policy allows students to carry cell phones to and from school but they may not be used in school. They should be turned off at all times. If a child uses a phone while in school, the phone will be confiscated and a parent must come to the office to retrieve the phone. Using phones in school can be serious; students can text messages and take pictures that might not be appropriate. Electronic games are not permitted in school. The school is not responsible for the loss of personal items.

Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of the school program. Instructions and permission slips are sent home prior to the trip. Money and permission slips must be returned to the school at least a day before the scheduled trip. No student is allowed to leave school premises without this signed permission slip.

Walking Trips

At the beginning of each school year, we ask you to give permission for your child to take walking trips. Walking trips include visits to the Montclair State University Campus, Mountainside Park, the Iris Gardens, and other neighborhood attractions. We do not request permission slips during the school year for each of these walking trips.

Birthday Parties

Outside birthday party invitations are not permitted to be distributed at school. Board policy prohibits food of any kind to be served at birthday celebrations in school. Alternate items, such as a birthday pencil for each student, a book donation to the classroom library, or a board game donation for the class to enjoy, may be considered. If you are sending in snacks for the class, you may want to reference the Bradford Food Guide and the District Food Guidelines.

Lost and Found

All found articles are placed in the Lost and Found area located at the front entrance by the gym (Door Q). Students and parents are urged to check there for lost articles. All articles not claimed within a reasonable amount of time are donated to charitable organizations. To prevent such losses, all personal items should be marked with the student's name.

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