Code of Conduct

Parents are an integral part in helping the school to promote positive behaviors. Parents will be notified when inappropriate behaviors occur that result in consequences so that the family can work with the school to alleviate such behaviors.

Please refer to the Code of Conduct Chart for more detailed information regarding student discipline.

Clearly defined school rules and classroom procedures with incremental consequences consistently carried out help foster appropriate behavior. This Code of Conduct Chart will help students, staff and families understand the expectations for acceptable conduct at Bradford School. All students are expected to follow the Code of Conduct in a developmentally appropriate manner. In keeping with the Responsive Classroom philosophy, we believe in logical consequences for infractions. Logical consequences allow students to fix and learn from their mistakes while preserving their dignity. The following table* describes some general unacceptable behaviors and associated actions, which are divided into four tiers according to severity/developmental level/student's history of behaviors.

Behaviors Actions
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Defiance and Disruption X X X X
Fighting N/A N/A X X
Inappropriate Physical Conduct X X X X
Unsafe Behavior X X X X
Theft N/A X X X
Threats N/A X X X
Vandalism X X X X

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying incidents will be dealt with based on the specific N.J. bullying legislation and district procedures.

*This rubric is a guideline—The principal has discretion regarding actions as they relate to individual circumstances. Further, in an instance where the behavior may not clearly be listed above, the principal will use their discretion to determine an appropriate action for a particular behavior.

Disciplinary Course of Action

Level One: Infractions on an infrequent basis

  • Conference with teacher/ staff member
  • Teacher selected consequence (such as discussion with student, apology of action, logical consequence, student completes a reflection form)
  • Teacher contacts parent/ guardian via telephone
  • Record of contact submitted to administration and parent/guardian for signature

Level Two: Repeated infractions

  • In-school parent/guardian conference with teacher/staff member to develop a behavior plan
  • Possible referral to counselor/nurse
  • Teacher selected consequence (see above)

Level Three: Continuing infractions or serious infractions

  • Teacher/staff member refers incident to principal
  • Parent/guardian contacted by principal
  • Parent/guardian conference with principal
  • Possible community service or character education project
  • Time out from classroom (working in alternate location)
  • Possible short-term suspension*
  • Possible referral to counselor/nurse

Level Four: Infractions that are highly serious or cause imminent danger to self or others

  • Immediate referral to principal
  • Parent/guardian contact
  • Parent/ guardian conference
  • Possible suspension*
  • Possible referral to counselor/nurse

*Parents/Guardians will accompany the students back to school for re-admittance once suspension is over.

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