School Action Team for Partnerships (SATp)

Bradford School 2023-2024 

The School Action Team for Partnerships (SATp) is a committee of parents, teachers, community members, and school administrators who meet regularly to educate families about school policies and practices, and to serve as an advisory board to the Principal to ensure that the entire Bradford community assists with the complete education of our children. The SATp encourages parents to be involved in initiatives that improve teaching and learning. This is an important way for all parents to share their ideas and expertise to improve the Bradford educational program.

Bradford is going to have its first SATp meeting for community members who are interested in joining on  (to be announced). SATp stands for School Action Team for Partnership. The goal of the meeting is to have varying groups in our community, set goals for the school, or continue to work on a goal that is ongoing from last year. I call it journey-work. During this meeting, we will discuss the expectations of SATp, the possible goals that can be set, and then put everyone in a subcommittee to begin brainstorming ideas and timelines on how and when to meet those goals. The objective of this community collaboration is to improve Bradford Elementary School for not just our students but for all stakeholders.

SATp Meeting

To Be Announced

Meeting ID: 695 406 8676

Passcode: meeting

TIME: 6:00-7:00 p.m.

SATp Leadership Team
Dr. Frances Aboushi, Principal
Ms. Lauren Cancelosi, Co-Chair
Ms. Nataly Caceres, Co-Chair
Mr. Anthony Keys, Teacher
Ms. Kristen Freeh, Teacher
Ms. Pascale LaFountain, MSU

School Action Team for Partnership (SATP) Building-wide Goals that I would like to keep for Bradford are:

1. Increasing authentic interactions/inclusion opportunities between Neurodiverse and Neurotypical students (Defining the meaning of inclusion and working on a mindset shift, along with engaging in real life-skill opportunities for our students with Autism)

2. Developing cultural competence and responsiveness among staff and community members (Utilizing MSU's clubs to do assemblies for students, and empowering parents with workshops on the values of CRT. I attached the list of cultures/awareness months we are recognizing in our school. We do have SEL Week in March. Hopefully, we can begin planning for January/MLK and so on. I understand we will need to fund these school-wide activities. We can brainstorm fundraising ideas in our next meeting)

3. Infusing SEL into classroom culture and curriculum (tap into MSU's clubs to create assemblies for certain grade levels, and a week of SEL activities for the community)

4. Strengthening and optimizing the MSU partnership/magnet

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