Grade 8 Technology Instructional Tool FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question #1: Is the technology instructional tool a requirement for all grade 8 students?
Answer #1:  The New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC) and NJSMART requires districts to assess all students by grade 8.  The curriculum may be completed by the end of grade 6, 7 and/or 8.

Question #2: What is the purpose of this instructional tool?
Answer #2: The purpose of this instructional tool is three-fold: (1) comply with the state requirement, (2) ensure we have baseline data to inform curriculum writing for the required grade 6 technology course and (3) use the information to inform how best to address instructional needs moving forward (i.e., should we continue using this instructional tool or should we look to integrate performance tasks as evidence).

Question #3: How will the data from the instructional tool be collected, reported and used?
Answer #3: The data will be collected and used as an instructional planning tool to inform the work of the grade 6 required technology curriculum. Data by school will be reviewed; however, individual teacher data will not be analyzed, reported or used for any purpose. Students’ scores will not be collected or stored in Genesis. This is not a district or state assessment.

Question #4: When will the test take place?
Answer #4: The test should be given in May or June 2018.

Question #5: How long is this assessment?
Answer #5: Most students will complete one of  the assessment parts in an hour, but  this is not a timed test.  It is recommended scheduling at least two 45-50 minute class sessions for students to complete both parts of the exam.

Question #6: How long will it take for schools to receive data reports?
Answer #6: Reports will be available to request within 24-72 hours of  students completing the assessment. Schools can request information locally, and this request will take up to 24-72 additional hours.

Question #7: What if I still have questions about this instructional tool?
Answer #7:  Questions regarding the vision of the instructional tool can be directed to Dr. Kendra Johnson, [email protected]. Questions regarding the technical functions of the instructional tool should be directed to Mrs. Alice Velez, [email protected].

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